A downloadable game for Windows

Alaska is the result of a 51-hour game jam at CCP Games.

Manage hunger and depression while escaping a hostile wilderness.

The Team:

Gergely Guttmann - Story

Daniel Ramotowski - Music

Theódór Líndal Helgason - Sound

Daniel Maxson - Programming

More information

Published May 31, 2017
AuthorTeam Never Again
TagsExploration, RPGMaker, Survival

Install instructions

  1. Download the .exe
  2. Extract the game into a folder of choice
  3. Run game.exe inside your installed folder


Alaska 356 MB


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What do you mean by ''we're not in Latvia anymore"? I live in Latvia :D (Just asking)

IT looks quite interesting

What was this made in VX Ace?

Yes, good eye

Well would you want help porting it over to MV?

Thanks for the offer, but we're just releasing this one as-is and not doing anything else with it. If we make a new game we need to port I'll keep you in mind.

Fair enough ^^